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The world is at a pace to the mega sonic speed era, the science is over passing its inventions every day. Yesterdays don’ts are today’s do’s. So as, we all are changing by the time, the barter system changes to digital payments. The services provided by Central & State government departments changes their issuance of documents online, the companies & insurance institutions also changed themselves, as well as, now it’s very easy to pay bills like electricity, water, telephone, internet, etc, online.

But some of the online service centers are over charging the people for their services and the people reaches online service centers due to the delay & expenses occurring from the authorities. Hence, We JANASAHAYAKENDRAM, registered under Central Government’s Udyog Aadhaar and State Government Charitable Society registration, as well as the only Online Service Center permitted to issue 10 certificates per day from Kerala E-District Portal by the Legal Authorities, has it’s own value and ethics to provide all these services from single fingertips and with less charges as well as within few minutes.

We have a dream to open our franchisees in all 990 Panchayaths, 80+ Municipalities main centers, and in all 6 Corporations to reach the entire Populations of Kerala, to fulfill this let’s go ahead together, to save time and money, for a better tomorrow.

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Janasahaya Kendram
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